File Transfer


If you would like to send low volume files via email (8 megs or less),
please send to:


If your files are high volume and you’d like to utilize FTP, please send to:


Username and Password: If you do not have a Username or password, contact us at

Create a folder (with your company name along with the name of the project that is being printed) that will house all of the files you are transferring!

Place the folder/files in the main directory. Please be patient while your file uploads. Graphic files may take a long time to transfer. As long as your browser/software shows activity, the file(s) is/are being transferred.

IMPORTANT: Along with the electronic transferring of your files, please be sure to either include a pdf file of the project or fax/email hard copy proofs of the final files/documents. To maintain the integrity of the files being transferred, we strongly recommend that you compress any files you are uploading to our FTP site. If you need a compression program or help with compression software, we recommend WinZip for PC users and StuffIt for MAC users. Please do not upload files all at once that are larger than 20MB (the size of a single file).



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